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The Camden Classics Cup has been named a certified Platinum Level Regatta by Sailors for the Sea.

The Clean Regattas program is the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events. Whether it involves sailing, rowing or some other form of sustainable propulsion – on any body of water, Sailors for the Sea helps run more environmentally friendly events to protect our local waters and beyond. Since 2006, this international program has been utilized more than 1,000 times in 30 countries. 

The sailing and boating community is 12 million strong, and by running a Clean Regatta we can become a catalyst for engaging boaters to protect their waters

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With our "Platinum" pledge to Sailors to the Sea, we are doing the following to help restore ocean health:
Event Management
  • 1. Assemble a Green Team

    • Create a dedicated team of volunteers/staff to assist liaison with running a Clean Regatta.

    • Identify and recognize your Green Team to participants.

  • 2. Public Engagement

    • Create a sustainability page on your regatta website.

    • Share Sailors for the Sea ocean conservation message with competitors and display sustainability signs throughout event.

    • Promote Clean Regattas to media through press releases, social media and in news stories.

  • 3. Paperless Regatta Management

    • Use an online Regatta Management System to handle all electronic registration.

  • 4. Environmental Outreach

    • Invite local environmental groups to host an information booth.

  • 5. Regatta Awards

    • Create or use a perpetual trophy.

    • Award gear or usable items as trophies.


Food and Beverage
  • 6. Water Bottle Reduction

    • 80% elimination of all single-use plastic water bottles at your event.

  • 7.Water Refilling Stations

    • Provide water to participants out on the water via coach boats or designated water boats.

    • Install permanent or semi-permanent water filtration systems.

  • 8. Sustainable Food Options

    • Work with catering company to offer locally sourced or organic foods.

    • Ensure that all seafood is sustainably sourced.

    • Offer vegetarian alternatives to lower your menu’s carbon footprint.

  • 9. Responsible Dinnerware

    • All single-use dinnerware is recyclable or compostable. No Styrofoam.

    • Eliminate 85% of single-use dinnerware, including plates, cups, and cutlery.



Waste Reduction
  • 10. Recycling

  • 12. Trash Free Regatta

    • Have Green Team and participants monitor event site and remove litter.

    • DO NOT alter Rule 55 (Trash Disposal) from the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing and remind sailors of this rule at skippers’ meeting.

  • 13. Eliminate Single-use Bags

    • Use reusable bags while shopping for event.

    • Offer competitors reusable bags to hold event documents.

  • 14. Good Waste Management

    • Ensure that a Recycle and Compost bin (if applicable) are placed adjacent to all Landfill bins.

Venue Management
  • 15. Responsible Signage

    • Make sure all waste bins are clearly marked RECYCLING, COMPOST, or LANDFILL.

    • Reuse signage year after year.


Race Management
  • 20. No Discharge

    • Remind all participants in Notice of Race (NOR) and at skippers’ meeting that sewage discharge is illegal.

    • Coordinate to make sure that affordable or free pump-out services are available for all boats.

  • 22. Oil Spill Prevention

    • Create “Safe Refueling Areas” and ensure proper training to all staff.

  • 23. Maintenance

    • Ensure all fiberglass sanding/fairing be contained and collected.

    • Provide secure and enclosed location for all boat maintenance.


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