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July 25-27, 2024
Camden Harbor, Maine

In as much as the waters off Camden, Maine, are considered some of the finest sailing grounds in the world, and lest the mariners who frequent these waters find themselves accused of not sharing said waters with their fellow yachtswomen and yachtsmen, the officers of the Camden Yacht Club and the hosts of the Camden Classics Cup hereby challenge your yacht club to two days of racing, revelry, and rewards.


 Whereas Mother Nature tends to bless the Penobscot Bay with fine weather at the close of the seventh month of each year, said officers and hosts will conduct such racing, open to all manner of sailing craft as defined in the Notice of Race, on July the twenty-sixth and July the twenty-seveth.  The honor of your yacht club’s timely response would be most appreciated, so that our esteemed crews might commence their preparations.



Drew Lyman, Camden Classics Cup                          

Galen Todd, Fleet Captain, Camden Yacht Club

1.  Rules: The challenge shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing.

2.  Eligibility and Entry: The challenge remains open to the vessels of any yacht club registered in the 

                2024 Camden Classics Cup. See Notice of Race.

3.  Challenge Definition: At least three (3) yachts listed on the scratch sheet as representing an individual

                yacht club will constitute a yacht club challenge.

4.  Racing area: All racing, except for the unsanctioned competitions that will undoubtedly precede and

                follow the formal competition, will take place on the waters of Penobscot Bay surrounding Camden Harbor.

5.  Registration: Please have each yacht sign up through and indicate yacht

                club affiliation when registering.

6.  Scoring and Prizes: The esteemed members of the Race Committee will utilize the low-point scoring

                system, tabulated from the three best scores of participating yacht club vessels across all classes, to

                determine the winner of the Yacht Club Challenge.

7.  Schedule: A skipper’s meeting will be held at 0900 on Friday, July 26. Racing will commence at 1200.

                No races will begin after 1500 on Saturday.

8.  Festivities: With their paid registration, competitors will be provided with libations and 

                sustenance at the post-race parties, held at Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer on Friday evening 

                and at the Camden Yacht Club on Saturday. Appropriate dance moves to be delivered 

                by all sailors.

9.  Awards: Those who accept, and ultimately win, a challenge of this nature will see 

                their names forever placed upon the coveted, perpetual, Lobster Pot Trophy.

Winners of the 2023 Yacht Club Challenge -- The New York Yacht Club

cyc winner ycc.jpg
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